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Najim Al Iraq is the Internet Service Provider and the leading challenger in the telecommunications market.

About US

Being the pioneer and leading carrier services provider in Kurdistan region of Iraq was not an easy call !

Najim Al Iraq is an Iraqi firm with 100% owned by iraqi investors. It's start from 2007 with small amount of business and start to grow up since the iraqi business demand is increase, Najim Al Iraq was quick siez this lucrative opprtunity to her position in the market and ready for the new challenge .

Najim Al Iraq communications gathered the best of Iraqi professionals in information and communication technology all are Iraqi inventors, engineers, and staff who have years of experience in their fields and hold world renowned certificates that show the level of professionalism. The goal of all of this staff is to see Iraq thrive in the field of internet communication to raise the bar for any other company in the benefit of the Iraqi people and the company .

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Najim Al Iraq - Work
Najim Al Iraq - Work
Najim Al Iraq - Work
Najim Al Iraq - Work
Najim Al Iraq - Work

What we offer

Best Network

We have the best network availability among all of the network providers in Kurdistan Iraq.

Technical Support

Najim Al Iraq has a presence in every city and town of Kurdistan Iraq; our team provides technical support 24/7.

Technology Solutions

We are not just an Internet provider; we also offer Information and technology solutions to our customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide internet and business solutions beyond ISP limits, maximizing business growth with flexibility, speed, and trust.


We'll help you solve your current business problems and work with you to find ways to use technology to improve your business.

Dedicated Services

Our business process improvement team will provide you with a knowledgeable resource when you need business or IT advice.

Why Choose US

We're a dynamic company with a strong vision in emerging market. At the time when customers are demanding more and more from their technology, we're changing the way the world manages IT, to help customers better perform, compete and grow.

We understand that having speed and reliability for a fixed cost is important to our customers.

Quality of Experience is our utmost target. We will not let you down when you have a problem. Try us!

Creating and offering products and services that meet customer needs is a vital ingredient in our strategy.


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Pricing Table

Light plan

$20/ month

  • 8Mb/s -> 10Mb/s Services

  • 4Mb/s -> 10Mb/s YouTube

  • 4Mb/s -> 10Mb/s Facebook

  • 2Mb/s -> 4Mb/s International

  • 24/7 Support

Economic plan

$25/ month

  • 8Mb/s -> 10Mb/s Services

  • 6Mb/s -> 10Mb/s YouTube

  • 6Mb/s -> 10Mb/s Facebook

  • 3Mb/s -> 6Mb/s International

  • 24/7 Support

Standard plan

$35/ month

  • 8Mb/s -> 10Mb/s Services

  • 7Mb/s -> 10Mb/s YouTube

  • 7Mb/s -> 10Mb/s Facebook

  • 3.5Mb/s -> 7Mb/s International

  • 24/7 Support

Active plan

$50/ month

  • 10Mb/s -> 15Mb/s Services

  • 8Mb/s -> 10Mb/s YouTube

  • 8Mb/s -> 10Mb/s Facebook

  • 5Mb/s -> 9Mb/s International

  • 24/7 Support

Turbo plan

$75/ month

  • 15Mb/s -> 20Mb/s Services

  • 10Mb/s -> 15Mb/s YouTube

  • 10Mb/s -> 15Mb/s Facebook

  • 8Mb/s -> 16Mb/s International

  • 24/7 Support

Business plan

$100/ month

  • 20Mb/s -> 30Mb/s Services

  • 15Mb/s -> 25Mb/s YouTube

  • 15Mb/s -> 25Mb/s Facebook

  • 10Mb/s -> 20Mb/s International

  • 24/7 Support

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